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Plumbing Problems

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Hurricane Season started June 1, are you prepared? Do you have a complete copy of your insurance policy?  Have you taken photos of your home inside and out? Have you taken photos of your contents?. Are the above documents kept in a safe place where the will not become damaged in the event of a Flood, Hurricane or fire?

Be prepared for the worst, the efforts you take now can save you time and money after a property loss!

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Plumbing Problems

Plumbing leaks include supply line ruptures such as that to an appliance. This could be an Ice maker on a refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, air conditioning leaks or water heater leaks. Also included are pipe leaks or pipe burst in a walls or ceilings and beneath a slab or floor.

Condominium Flood, Water and Mold Damage

Faucet supply line leak flooding 3 story home

The last type of plumbing leaks are sewage backups, these generally originate from the sewer or septic system. These types of losses could be toilet overflows caused by a faulty flapper valve or obstruction in the drain line like tree roots, a child toy or other items. Sometime drain fields fail and can cause the toilet to back up or overflow. When this happens sewage can backup  through showers, bathtubs and washing machine drains and flood the structure.  Most Homeowners and Commercial Property Insurance Policies place restrictions/limitations and conditions on what and how proceeds are paid. It should be noted that sewage/septic back-up are very toxic and can expose your family to host of hazardous pathogens. Proper care should be taken to remediate these loses but more extensive remediation protocols should be in place when dealing with sewage losses.

Flood losses from heavy rains, hurricanes or runoff storm water and are not considered plumbing losses, more about this in the "Flood page above.

So now that we have identified some of the types of plumbing leak how do you respond to there losses. Do you hire a water extracting company, do i use the water extraction company that my Insurance company sent out? If I don't see damage now what do I do if it appears later. How do recognize mold, how do will it take to grow, how long should it take to dry my home or business? How do I document my claim, should I get repairs estimates, Do I know what actions or lack of action that will cause my claim to be denied?

These are just some of the questions you will have and some of the decisions you will have to make after a claim. Having one of our public adjusters on your team will avoided the pitfalls most policyholders make costing you thousands of dollars for mistakes you might make.

Several years ago the Florida Legislature had commissioned a study of the viability of using a Public Adjuster on an insurance claim. They found that the settlement was at least 3 time what policyholders received when they tried to handle claims on their owe.

Most people would not go to court without an attorney at their side or file taxes on their own why then would you file an insurance claim without a Claims professional? Our office has helped thousand of homeowners and business owners navigate through the claim process. Call us today for a free telephone consultation and inspection of your damage and see why having one of our Public Adjusters will make a difference in your claim.

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