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Hurricane Season started June 1, are you prepared? Do you have a complete copy of your insurance policy?  Have you taken photos of your home inside and out? Have you taken photos of your contents?. Are the above documents kept in a safe place where the will not become damaged in the event of a Flood, Hurricane or fire?

Be prepared for the worst, the efforts you take now can save you time and money after a property loss!

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Success Stories

Over the past thirty years we have helped thousands of Homeowners and Business Owners with their property insurance claims. Sometimes clients call us before they call their insurance company to report the claim and avoid problems settling the claim quicker. Sometimes clients call us after they have received payment but were not satisfied with the settlement or did not have enough money to make the repairs. Lastly, we receive call from individuals who have made mistakes on their claim, were denied or being delayed. Below is a sampling of our results and how we have helped individuals just like you.

Name Initial Settlement Offer Type What We Obtained
Lori H. $11,773.40 Lightning $105,550.31
Maria B. $ -0- (denial) Termite $17,967.31
Antonio S. $4,965.57 Mold $54,481
Lucias W. $4,834.94 Plumbing $20,499.28
Lisa W. $-0- Hurricane $203,293.63
Theodore K. $35,344.07 Tornado $95,035.27
Zachary S. $31,090.25 Sewage $105,245.54
Minh H. $16,726.06 Plumbing $76,099.27
Richard B. $-0- (denial) Sinkhole $93,915.00
Restituto L. $9,424.85 Plumbing $20,544.16
Joni J. $575.12 Plumbing $4,853.53
Ricardo F. $9,009.62 Plumbing $23,825.19
Corey P. $4,303.42 Plumbing $11,644.48
Brian L. $-0- Tornado $94,324.48