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Windstorm Damage

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Hurricane Season started June 1, are you prepared? Do you have a complete copy of your insurance policy?  Have you taken photos of your home inside and out? Have you taken photos of your contents?. Are the above documents kept in a safe place where the will not become damaged in the event of a Flood, Hurricane or fire?

Be prepared for the worst, the efforts you take now can save you time and money after a property loss!

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Windstorm Damage

Each year as we go through storm season we are faced with the potential threat of Hurricanes, Tornados, Hail damage and even heavy rains from smaller storms. As result of these storms trees can damage homes and business, properties can flood, roof leaks develope. Some of this damage is obvious and immediately apparent however some of this damage is not visible to the untrained eye. For example your roof damages may not cause your roof to leak right after a storm but unless you know what to look for and report a claim you may jeopardize your ability to collect on your claim. Also if you failed to act when the damaged occured and your roof does begin to leak the Insurance Company will likley deny your claim.

Look at the Photo below, can you identify the three types of damage to this roof? If you can't you will be unable to prove your damages to your Insurance Company. Please note it is your duty to prove your damages not the insurance company, if you fail to do this your claim will be denied or underpaid. How do know if the insurance company is made a fair settlement if you can't identify all of your damage? Having one of our public adjusters in place eliminates your need to prove your damages. We conduct detailed and extensive inspections of you damage. We know what and where to look for damages, we photograph/video damage using special cameras sophiscated equipment including infrared detection devises and estimate the repair cost. Our written estimate and above documentation is package and presented to your insurance company in a manner which is difficult for them contest or deny.

Public Adjuster Roof Inspection

What if the damages to you home was not minor, what if it was catastrophic? Major water intrusion, missing walls or roofs or even worse nothing but debris pile? What would you do? where would you begin?

Total Loss, Hurricane Tornado Damage

The first thing is to keep your cool, most of the items you have can be replaced by insurance, the key is knowing the amount of your damage and what actions to take and what not to do. This is a very critical time for property owners, mistakes made at this time can cost thousands of dollars. We have helped thousands of homeowners rebuild after a catastrophic loss. We know by past experience what and how your home was constructed. We are familiar with building codes and construction methods for your area. We know how to document the contents in your home or room even if the home or room is no longer there. We have personally suffered loss to our home and know the emotional state this puts you in. It will be comforting for you to know that we can advise you on what to expect and the process for rebuilding. Your time should be focused on your family and your work or business. Call today and let us remove this burden from you.

Home damaged by Large TreeHome damaged by fallen Tree, Hurricane Tornado Windstorm Damage

Storm damage debris, Hurricane, Flood and Tornado damageRoof and exterior wall damage to home