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Fire / Lightning Damage

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Hurricane Season started June 1, are you prepared? Do you have a complete copy of your insurance policy?  Have you taken photos of your home inside and out? Have you taken photos of your contents?. Are the above documents kept in a safe place where the will not become damaged in the event of a Flood, Hurricane or fire?

Be prepared for the worst, the efforts you take now can save you time and money after a property loss!

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Fire / Lightning

Fires in homes and business start for all sorts of reasons, In the last 30 years we have seen house fires from people smoking in bed, leaving a lit candle unattended, dryer vent fires, cooking fires, faulty electrical wiring or appliances. In business we have seen fires caused by chemical reactions, faulty equipment, employee's smoking, airplane crashes to name a few.

Sometime there is very little fire damage or none at all but there is Smoke damage. Sometime smoke enters the A/C system and disburses throughout the structure a great distance from where the fire originated. Besides the visible damage of smoke there is also the odor associated with smoke as well.

Residential House Fire Total Loss

Another cause of fires to buildings is Lightning. In Florida we receive more lightning strikes than anywhere else in the world second only to Rwanda Africa. Unlike the above types of fires little can be done to avoid a lightning strike to your home or business. Significant damage to a structure and its contents can occur from a lightning strike in a split second. Some of this damage can be structural, some of this damage may be to contents. We have even seen where a lightning strike hits the plumbing line creating pipe burst in numerous areas flooding the home causing water damage to the structure and it's contents

House Fire, Total loss

Fire claims pose a completely different set of challenges, initially there has to be an investigation and coverage determination. Sometime the State Fire Marshall will become involved along with the insurance companies Cause and Origin experts or Special Investigation Unit to determine what caused the fire and rule out Arson or Fraud. Insurance companies operate off of a series of "Red Flags" once a red flag is raised these investigations can take months or years and the insurance company can drag your claim out for months and months if they can show a reason for the delay is beyond their control. Insurance companies often hire attorneys to take what is called an examination under oath "EUO" which is similar to a deposition but they are granted more latitude in the types of questions you must answer and what you must provide. Your will be required to provide your complete financial records including credit card purchases along with those records for each member of your household. You will also have to provide phone records, your whereabouts at the time of the fire, and be asked to provide a recorded statement just to name a few of these requirments. It is extremely important that you have representation of our experienced public adjusters to guide you through the process.  It is not as simple as that if you did not do anything wrong you have nothing to worry about; it is much more than that it is assembling a claims package that is concise, complete and organized.  Then if you can somehow manage to get through this and insurance company admits your fire is a covered loss you will have to determine what's covered in your loss and  the scope of the damages. The burden is on you to do this not the insurance company. On one side the insurance company and their adjusters, experts and contractors are wanting to pay the least on the claim and then you have your contractor wanting to build you a new home.

Garage fire, total loss house fire

In the above photo what you see is typical of a major structure fire. Do you know all the items and contents you have in a room, do you know what can be repaired and what cannot, do you know the values of these items? Should a portion of the home be torn down or should it be completely rebuilt? What about code upgrades, do you know what applies and what does not? Do I have any hidden damage that may later manifest itself?

Adjusting a fire claim on your own can be a daunting task taking it's toll on you and your family. You will have to take days off from work to meet with the Adjusters, Fire Marshals, investigators, Cause an Origin Experts and provide documentation to substantiate your claim. Having one of our Public Adjusters in place from the very start can eliminate much of this. We meet with your insurance company and thier representatives, we sift through the rubble, document your claim, scope the damages and prepare damage estimates. We know local building codes, construction methods, we know what's covered under your policy and everything you are entitled to. We locate temporary housing, obtain advances and move your claim along swiftly avoiding delays and red flags.

Several years ago the Florida Legislature had commissioned a study of the viability of using a Public Adjuster on an insurance claim. They found that the settlement was at least 3 time what policyholders received when they tried to handle claims on their owe.

Most people would not go to court without an attorney at their side or file taxes on their own why then would you file an insurance claim without a Claims professional? Our office has helped thousand of homeowners and business owners navigate through the claim process.

Call us today at 866-737-3881 for more information on how we can help you, we can even help you if you tried to do it yourself and are not satisfied with your settlement or have made mistakes on your claim.